A Taste of Germany : Wandering Around Hoxter (2 of 3 Parts)

Located just 10 minutes away from Holzminden is a town that's a tad busier - Hoxter (pronounced in German as Hoekste). It's busier in a sense that there's more visible human traffic here. There are more shops and botiques;  as well as a more diverse selections of restaurants.
But apparently, the town is also popular for having nice churches. I've visited some and the ambiance inside was very serene.

There were only two people inside the church when I came in.

Biergarten - (I finally saw a genuine Beer Garden!) an open-air area where beer, other drinks and local foods are served 

Unlike our humungous shopping centres in Asia, shopping establishments in this part of Germany is oppositely diminutive. However, don't let the size deceive you because there are still great finds in store for any wandering shopper.

I got better priced Lego Toys from this store. A lot cheaper than in Asia!

This is one of the many usual food stands along the streets. Some are just about to open and are still preparing their commodities.

One of the highlights of my visit in Hoxter was the Schloss Corvey. It's an abbey that was converted into a castle in the 19th century. The castle ground was pretty impressive. There's a museum and a monastery / church inside.

The entire building evidently showcased an artistic Baroque style of architecture. It's generally charming and magnificent.

Hoxter gave me an impression of a remarkably well preserved medieval town. It provides a peaceful and unhurried living. Coming from a ridiculuosly fast-phased life in a city-state, that's something worth longing for. And boy was I glad this placid town mesmerized me with such a short but memorable stay.  


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