A Taste of Germany (1 of 3 parts)

It's been two weeks since I came back from a business trip in Europe. I went to Holzminden, a town in the southern Lower Saxony of Germany. It's autumn and the weather was just perfect to appreciate the beauty of this countryside.
I travelled via Munich from Singapore and took a connecting flight from there to Hanover. From Hanover, it's still an hour and a half drive to reach Holzminden. So I was practically restless by the time I reached my destination. Thirteen hours of no sleep in the plane almost made me feel like a zombie literally.

This was my window seat at the business class of a Singapore Airlines A380. Despite the generous space, flawless service and a really comfortable flight experience with SIA, I still didn't manage to get a good sleep. A half sleep feeling neither helped at all. I tried to settle my self by watching 6 movies all in all until we landed safely. I forgot to take photos of the foods they served in the plane but knowing Singapore Airlines, everything was good.

Those were my inflight slippers underneath..
It's almost the start of the Octoberfest season that's why signages of this merriment were all over the place. First sighting was at the Munich airport. 

If I'm travelling with my kids, they will definitely not pass on playing on this Lufthansa Plane Model. I saw a lot of travellers taking photos with it.

Munich Airport is currently on the sixth spot in the World's Best Airports (Top 20) by Skytrax. Likewise, it's voted the Best Airport in Central Europe by airline travellers. It's more calm and less chaotic than Frankfurt but personally, it still fails in comparison to Asia's Best Airports like Singapore's Changi and Korea's Incheon. But I love their service of free drinks for all passengers in the airport courtesy of Lufthansa.

On the way to Holzminden, it was certainly a good breather the moment my eyes laid on the vast fields. Lots of greeneries and wonderful scent of fresh air welcomed my tired body and I was momentarily relieved of fatigue.

 I stayed in Heller's Krug Hotel and they've got the best food in the whole of Holzminden.

Walking around town, I can't help but feel envious with the amount of space people enjoy in this part of the world. Houses here are real big!! A three storey one with a very spacious backyard and frontyard is just common. Now just imagine how enormous the size can be!

The town is so peaceful and quiet. This was already the downtown and there were very few people around.

Streets are practically deserted. I don't know where the people are.

Some houses and buildings have medieval architectures and they were a sight to behold.

On my second day together with some colleagues, we were treated to a cruise along the River Weser. It's the river that forms the border with the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The sights and the ambiance along the river blew me away. The old part of the town showed so much history to enjoy.

 Thank you Holzminden for hosting me warmly!


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