Gardens By The Bay - Singapore's Newest Attraction

OMG! It's been more than a month since the last post. Such a loooooooooong hiatus indeed! My apologies for a bit of silence on this blog. So much has been happening and I am just more than delighted to be back online. A couple of days ago, we've visited the latest attraction in town at Marina Bay area, no less than the much anticipated Gardens by the Bay.  I was awed and wowed by the grandeur of this man made creation. Undoubtedly, Singapore did another great job on this one. The visit to the gardens will not be complete without seeing the two conservatories where the highlights of the attractions are housed. While I've yet to fill your hunger with delish food posts, I'll leave you with picturesque scenes for now from these photo shots. Enjoy browsing as much as we did capturing them.


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