Meet the "Lumpiang Sariwa" (Fresh Spring Roll) of Singapore, locally known as POPIAH. Sweet, generally tasty and can be made spicy. That's the overall melange of flavors that can be found in this filling yet enjoyable snack item. I usually grabbed a piece of my favorite at Takashimaya's food court. It's a simple food to prepare but its key of acceptability lies heavily on the wrapper and the sauce used. The filling can be as varied as you can imagine. The usual ones are turnips, carrots, garlic, bean sprouts, egg, dried shrimps, fried tofu, chinese sausage, ground peanuts, fried pork and lettuce leaves. Normally, the preferred types of sauces/pastes are first spread onto the wrapper then filled with the necessary fillings. Afterwhich, it's rolled and cut into bite size pieces. I wonder if there are other variations though that can make this spring roll even more enticing. Perhaps, that's something to look forward to in any next taste trek around.


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