Pancit Canton - Bihon : Presto Pasta Night 137

Classic Pancits we normally find in the Filipino's dining table include Pancit Canton, Pancit Bihon, Pancit Palabok, Pancit Malabon, Pancit Molo, Pancit Luglog and Pancit Sotanghon. Fusions of these types have likewise emerged such that we have the likes of Pancit Miki-Bihon and Bam-I. Our typical Pinoy pancit is usually referred to the dry, stir-fried noodles. It's always a delight to be serving pancit especially for those days where you feel the longing for a playful nibble. I personally like the smooth texture of the noodles sliding into the palate. It brings back childhood memories of joyfully eating noodles. Inspired to pass on the experience with the two kids, I prepared Pancit Canton - Bihon for an afternoon merienda (snack).

This version of mine is a mix of different sensory attributes delivered by the squid ball, pork and chorizo (pork sausage). The interplay of these savory notes leave a delightful taste experience in the palate together with the subtle flavor of the vegetables. Nothing extravagant but guarantees to satisfy.

What you need: 250 g pack pancit canton (chow mien noodles), 125 g pancit bihon (rice noodles), 250 g pork cut into small cubes, 250 g squid balls cut in halves, 2 pcs chorizo (pork sausage) cut diagonally, 1 small carrots (cut in julliene), 1 pc onion chopped, 4 cloves garlic chopped, 2 cups each of chopped regular and chinese cabbage, 2 tbsp canola oil for sauteing, 1 cup water + extra for cooking the noodles

How to make: Cook pork in 1 cup of water until tender and all the water evaporates. Add canola oil and saute cooked pork with onion and garlic until fragrant. Add chorizo and saute for 2 minutes. Add vegetables and saute for 1 more minute, set aside. Boil water (amount just enough to cook the noodles), add 1/4 cup of soy sauce, season with salt and pepper. When boiling, add in the noodles and squid balls and allow to cook (adjust the amount of water when necessary). Stir in the vegetables with pork. Serve with a slice of bread and soy-calamansi dip.

This is my entry to Ruth Daniel's popular PRESTO PASTA NIGHT of Once Upon A Feast. After the long absence in this food bloggers' event, I am more than excited to join back. This week is being hosted by Haalo of a very interesting site Cook Almost Anything (I simply love the blog title). Log on to her site for the round up.


Ruth Daniels said…
Great dish, thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Night. I'm off to the market to see if I can find some of those exotic (at least to Halifax Nova Scotia) ingredients.
tigerfish said…
That's fully loaded, with ingredients :)
Joanne said…
This sounds like a great pasta dish!
Julie said…
Nice dish, must taste it!!!

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