Mulberry Mixed Juice Drink

When I attended the AFEX 2008, Mulberry Mixed Juice Drink is the most interesting product I found. It's a ready to drink juice with No Artificial Coloring, No Preservatives Added health claims. It's made with natural mulberry juice and fruit concentrate available in two flavors - Apple and Strawberry, with the former being the more acceptable. It basically tastes sweet and refreshing especially when chilled or ice cold. A tannin taste typically perceived from tea is also noted but subtle and mild.
Mulberry tea is making big news around the world. It's recognized as the next big thing in the tea market after the much hyped black, green and white teas. Many food manufacturers and tea growers are claiming that mulberry has higher antioxidant levels than green tea. Furthermore, it contains almost all 18 amino acids essential for our body. True enough, when I looked at the nutrition facts pannel of the juice drink it states 17.3 mg of amino acid content per 100 ml. If you consume the whole drink in 500 ml bottle size, that's an 86.50 mg servings of amino acid!
A ready to drink (RTD) juice with antioxidants to eradicate the free radicals and toxins in our body, a good dose of amino acids for the growth, repair and maintainance of body tissues, a possible aid for lowering blood sugar and body weight, this is a must grab drink for a healthier lifestyle! But just like any new product in the market boasting of great health claims and benefits, it's essential for every consumer to check and validate prior to making a purchase and later becoming a loyal patron of it. I just couldn't over emphasized that it's also a consumer's responsibility to check and probe the validity of the claims and benefits of any food item prior to consumption . It's always better and safer to ask.


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