Happy 1st Anniversary Our taste of Life!

It's amazing how time flies so fast really. I can't believe it's already been a year of blogging for me. A year filled with wonderful tastes of life. A writing experience rich in unforgettable memories. Having Our Taste of Life online, felt like giving birth to a baby needing to be nourished to be able to grow poperly (like how I first mentioned it here).

All 95 posts were written from our own share of life experiences, and everything there was in living a happy life. The 112 comments state how the blog is still slowly building its readership. Still very young in terms of readers' involvement. Nonetheless, the blog's visits and page views along with its other statistics are more than enough reasons to keep me going and yes, celebrating.

For first timers here, thank you for dropping by. For those who have been here a number of times, my warmest gratitude for patronizing my humble abode in the world wide web. I'd like to share with you how Our Taste of Life had become in a year. Join me in reminiscing the highlights of this blog. Cheers! :-)


Happy 1st Blogoversary, Sherra :)

Looking forward to more posts..and more food :D
Anonymous said…
happy first anniversary
Sherra said…
Thanks so much Cookie and Sakai!!! Cheers to you both to our more fruitful blogging life!
Didi said…
Cheers to you Sherra!!

Here's to more years!!
Sherra said…
Thanks much Didi! :-)

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