ROWENA'S Cafe and its Tarts

Tagaytay boasts not only of superb ambiance and scenery. It is a wealthy pot of great food finds as well. From fresh produce to homemade delicacies along with many delightful restaurants, clearly, it's a foodie haven! And just when we thought, we've already exploited everything there is in Tagaytay, we learned of "another must-try". Rowena's Cafe happened to be in Tagaytay for a long time already but we simply pass by this store whenever we go there. We almost lose a treasure by too familiar a view. Ever since a colleague brought a sample of its Buco Tart in the office, I started to crave for more. So when we had our chance to visit Tagaytay again, we dropped by at the place. We were quite surprised that what looked like a simple "Pasalubong Store" from the outside, transpired into a home of enormous sweet and savory products. As an added bonus, there's also a Cafe inside. Incidentally, Rowena's carry a lot of different food brands other than its own. Literally, there are so many to choose from. I can hardly enumerate all that I saw. But those specific to them are Buco Tart, Apple Tart, Mango Tart, Pineapple Tart, Ube Tart, Egg Tart, Blueberry Cheese Cake, Mango Cheese Cake, Cassava Cake and Ube Espasol.
Among the tarts, it's the Buko Tart that's most saleable. As early as 2 pm, those in boxes were already sold out. There were only two pieces left in the chiller. Probably, just waiting for me huh? Although slightly disappointed at least there's something left for a little bite. Fortunately, it did not fail me. It's yummy just like the first time I tasted it. The coconut is young, velvety and soft. Very nice to the bite! The tart is not bready, it rather prides itself of a creamy overall taste. It's simply flavored with what I will call "second serving".
Next to Buko Tart, Rowena's claimed that it's the Apple Tart that's also popular. Well true enough, it's another winner in itself. With just the right sweetness and the caramelized apple bits filling, it's rightly mouthwatering! The Ube Tart is also generally good however, the ube filling is slightly firm /solid. I would prefer it to be a little gooey for a more enjoyable tang. Anyhow, they can expect me to reserve a box or more of their goodies from now on. I'm also intrigued to try the rest of their offering. I will make a separate post when I did. For now, let's all savor these delectable tarts.

152 Brgy. Francisco, Tagaytay City
Tel No. (046) 860-2481
Mobile No. 0920-9080318


Hi Sherra!!

We always make a pitstop at Rowena's everytime we go to Tagayatay. I love their apple tarts and my husband craves for their buco tarts. My kids naman always get the meringue in packs.
Sherra said…
Hi Cookie,

Luckily we learned about its precious tarts before it's too late. :-)

BTW, 'am still thinking of a good topic for PMN submission, hope I can create one soonest.
raqgold said…
i love those sweets... pwede bang daanan yan if you are driving to mabini, batangas from south superhighway?
Sherra said…
Hi Raqgold,

On your way to Batangas (I assumed you'll be coming from Mla), from South Expressway, you can take the Sta. Rosa Exit going to Tagaytay. Just turn left when you reach the Coke Toll gate, straight ahead until you reach Tagaytay.
But I'm not quite sure if you can go directly to Mabini from Tagaytay, I think road will lead to Nasugbu or Lemery. You have to go back to Sta. Rosa and take ABI-Batangas Exit in Paseo. You'll pass by this area on your way to Tagaytay (just across the Caltex Gas Station) :-)
Sherra said…
oopss, sorry turn right when you reach the Coke toll gate (not left as previously mentioned)
Anonymous said…
This is my family's fave. Whenever we'd go to Tagaytay, never kami uuwi w/o dropping by Rowena's and buying pasalubong. LOVE their buko and ube tarts!!
glenn said…
hi ask ko lang kung may pwede kayong mbgay na landmark para malaman ko kung near nako s store.. mangagaling kc ako sa silang can you give me some directions going to rowena's store pls.. ty

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