Global Fun Carnival is a new attraction in town that brings excitement to everyone from kids and adults alike. It was described from it's website as the first Europen-style Carnival to travel in Asia. Most of the rides here came from Germany and Italy. For those who want to be assured of the safety of all the rides and attractions, you will be pleased to know that they have passed the TUV World Safety Standards and China's Standard Safety Measures. They made sure that all visitors are well informed by this through posters at the entrance booth of each ride. The Carnival is open daily from 4:00 pm onwards, Monday - Friday and 1:00 pm onwards on weekends. The best time to go there is between 4 :00 - 5:00 pm where the sun had already shy away and the crowd has not yet grown too much. More so, the queue is still manageable thus, you can better maximize the "ride all you can" ticket. Incidentally, there's no per ride fee inside the Carnival so it's either you buy an entrance only or ride all you can ticket. The entrance fee is P100 for both kids and adults, any day of the week. Ride all you can ticket costs P250 on Mondays - Thursdays and P300 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays and the whole month of December 2007. You get a P50 off from ride all you can ticket if you have an SM advantage card. So make sure you bring your card along with a valid picture ID to avail of this privilege. By the way, kids above 2 ft are no longer free of charge.

Aside from rides, there are other attractions inside that require another P60 entrance fee. These are Mortuary, The Lost Pharoah, Carribean Pirates, Jurrasic Park and Transformer. Unfortunately, none of them looked really inviting.

There are also game booths where you can earn stuffed toy prizes. The cost per game is P50.


Mini Octopus; Kids ride the boat all by themselves thus, it sure is a hit to them!

Young Pilot; This is a good family ride where Dad and Son or Mom and Daughter can bond together.

What's a Carnival without a Carousel? And because it houses familiar animal figures, kids will surely enjoy a ride here.

Bumper Car; This guarantees a thrilling, exciting and fun ride. Just be ready for the long queue. Other interesting and must see rides for the kids are the Mini Tram, Mini Helicopter, Mini Swing and Mini Pirate.


Ranger; a version of Anchor's Away that makes a complete 360 degree turn. Make sure both your heart and stomach are ready for this.

Giant Wheel; Just like the Carousel, a Carnival will not be complete without a Giant Wheel. This is a great ride for groups and families.

Wave Swinger; If you want to experience a real adrenalin rush and a heart pounding trip, this is your kind of ride! Scream all you want, yell all you can! You'll have a similar encounter when you also ride the Flipper.

(If you're interested to learn about the rest of the rides available at the Carnival, click here)

Other must see booths are those that house Balloon Twisting and Face Painting. Kids get their own share of twisted balloons and face paints for free! At around 6 pm, there will be a Magic Show where kids can dig up for some game prizes. Bringing in foods and drinks is not allowed however, there's not much selection of food kiosks inside except for the typical hotdog and burger stands. It's also important to note that the Carnival is heavily pebbled, so small kids should be watched for. If you will manage to maximize the ride all you can ticket and can spend more than 2 hours inside, I'd say Global Fun Carnival is worthy of a visit. Anyway, what's more important is you enjoyed spending time with your family and you all went home happy. In our case, we did so we need not say anything more.

Global Fun Carnival
In between SM Mall of Asia (MOA) and 1 Esplanade
Pasay City
From October 27, 2007 - January 15, 2008


raqgold said…
should they be proud of being associated with China's safety measures after the brouhahas' on recalled products from there? but this is an interesting place which we wld not miss to visit next year, thanks for the tip.
Sherra said…
Hi Raqgold,

hmmm, really not quite sure about that. yeah, you're right China's reputation was really scathed, maybe they have other reasons why they'd still included them in their safety claim.

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