Kids Hair Salon

Kids seemed so lucky nowadays. Their needs are simplified, tailored fit, made more fun and even better. From more comfortable nappies to power packed milks and vitamins, to more educational toys and techie gadgets even to fun hair grooming! Moms and dads fret no more! Gone are the days for this frightening, so hard to do hair cutting activity. Kiddie Salons made it all easier for us. It simply makes the hair comb - scissors encounter more enjoyable and less traumatic. So what's in a kiddie salon experience? Apart from that refreshing new hair cut, inviting and familiar toys with some favorite kiddie programs await young customers in this establishment. This provides a comforting ambiance to the kid that'll help make the job easier to do. Let's just call it a needed conditioning process. It should be emphasized however, that the skills and the patience of the hair stylist is of prime importance as in making the place more entertaining as possible. Valuing kids' safety all the time, is a mission to work for. Entrepreneurs behind this business concept deserved real commendation. They made a good job in addressing their PTM's (primary target market) needs. Now, getting a hair cut is something that kids will look forward to. However, there are still parents who would rather do the thing than entrust their kids to the hands of someone else. For some, maybe because they are just too careful to be trusting especially for their real young tots, or maybe for the practical ones, they don't find much value for money for the cost of the hair cut. For a price range of P200 - P250, wouldn't you really expect something from it? Whatever the reason is, I believe all parents are one in the purpose of providing what's vital for their kids.

Isn't it great? kids can play while waiting for their turn from the queue!

Riley was happy and so are we :-)


Heart of Rachel said…
Yes, kids are so lucky today because of all the cool and fun places catered to their needs like kiddie salons. I even know of a spa for kids. How nice!

I also bring my son to a kiddie salon and he enjoys watching videos, playing with toys and getting a treat after.
Lynn said…
I was just having a conversation with a colleague this afternoon about how children these days are so "pampered". I remember my daughter's first haircut was at Kids Hair Salon too in Galleria. It even comes with a certificate. I forgot though how much we were charged coz that was nine years ago. :)

Your boy seemed so proud of his haircut! Atta boy!
Sherra said…
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lynn and Rachel :-)
Hi Sherra!! I think the Kid's Salon concept is great. I heard there is now a Kid's Spa at the Fun Ranch.
Anonymous said…
To say that cutting the hair of a first-timer young child is difficult in an understatement.

So with going to dentist, visiting the pedia, LOL!

Thanks for sharing your experiences and photos.
Anonymous said…
hi! just want to know if you have any idea if they give away a certificate for the first haircut.
Sherra said…
yeah, I think they do give a certificate
Agnes said…
Why not trying a mobilehairdresser instead? My friend recomended me her son personal stylist. She work great with kids! my son used to scream and yell at kids salon. But with her, not anymore. My son loves her! You may check out her blog.

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