TRINOMA - Foodie Finds

TRINOMA - the youngest Ayala Mall recently opened in Quezon City, generally shows nothing new. It basically has the same mall offering as those we already frequented anywhere in the Metro. Some things worth noting are probably, the proliferation of "new", imported stuffs like this beauty and skin care shop from Australia (the name just didn't register so well so I can't remember), nice landscape outside the mall, being the birthplace of some new restaurants and cafe such as Five Cows and Mrs. Fields Cookie Cafe, spacious cinema lobby and game zone, convenient location and for in-housing another shoppers' haven, the Landmark. Unfortunately, it's still one of the many unopened stores in the mall. One thing that needs significant improvement though is the availability of better signages to and from the carpark area. We find the existing quite confusing and hardly recognizable. On a lighter note, below are some of our good finds that'll give enough reasons for a second visit.

Just the right size carousel. Check it out while there's still a promo. There's an additional P10 plus 1 free ride when you reload your Timezone PowerCard.

Cold Rock, your new kind of ice cream!

Max Brenner, for that rich coffee drink!

Oliver's Super Sandwiches, for real gourmet sandwiches!

Fuzion Smoothie Cafe, there's no better way to drink healthy!

What a nice place to brew for Starbucks! Go see their outdoor branch at the 4th level, very relaxing.

The first Mrs. Fields Cookie Cafe, oh-so-lecious cookies!

Our most interesting pick for the Trinoma visit...

This Resto and Ice Cream Bar really caught our attention when we're roaming around at the 4th level. The resto's name, the menu card, the resto-look and that inviting service won't just let you pass by. When I started to peruse their menu, mouth watering assortment glittered right before my eyes. So, tell me how can we resist?! Minutes after that, we're already savouring these...

Soooo rich and heavy, not for single serving! Again, not for "me", "myself" consumption. I almost raised my hands on this. This is said to be one of the most ordered ice cream cakes. Honestly, I was looking for more satisfying sensory notes. The chocolate ice cream dominated the taste character which is more of that "nestle" plain choco ice cream. The peanut is caramelized and the base is a chunky, chewy brownies type. Sorry, this won't pass a best seller for me.

Surprisingly, this tasted better than the former. The base complemented the choco ice cream and the mallows on top. Plain simple but the taste is well balanced. This you can consume alone.

True to its name, we liked the crunchy texture in it. The ferrero taste is perceivable but not so distinct, it's overpowered by the marsipan like note (which sometimes tends to be artificial in taste when added too much, in this case it did).

Hmmm..., if you'll ask me if it's worth the calories, I must admit it failed short of my expectations. Two thumbs up for the creativity, presentation and price (very affordable) but taste wise, now I'm having some second thoughts.


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