Foods for Indulgence... (foods for second thoughts?)

Warm from the oven PIZZA, rich CHOCOLATEY treat, frosty ICE CREAM, delightful DOUGHNUTS, creamy PARFAITS, savoury CHIPS, oh so yummy CAKES, mouth-watering STEAKS, even that lip-smacking, crispy Lechon (fire-roasted pork) ...the list can go on and on. These are the foods we often get to indulge. We normally heart them because they deliver pleasure and satisfaction in many different notes. The word indulgent is defined here as tolerant, lenient, favourably inclined, yielding to the wishes or appetites, mostly to excessive consumption – put it simply, to give in. All yummy attributes just seemed so fitting to indulgent foods. In fact, we often end it with “insanely delicious!” remarks. On the contrary, they are also referred to as “sinful”. Enticing and delectable as they can be, indulgent foods can also take their toll on our health. These are the foods that usually contain substances which when taken in excessive amounts can lead to unhealthy results. Indulgent foods are typically rich, fatty, sweet and high in calories. Yet, we still opt to have them because we’re willing to splurge for the experience.

Some said the pleasure of eating is only in the mouth. Once the food followed the digestive pathway, all olfactory and gustatory stimuli will be gone. Admittedly though, we cannot resign to the pleasures of the sensory experience. It’s but an indispensable part of the eating process. Nonetheless, there are those who have already given it up for some dietary concerns and for the more important preservation of good health. For the others who hardly can resist, why not go for a better alternative? Decide on low fat, no sugar, bite size servings against hefty ones; better yet indulge on a regular exercise to strike a balance and make up for bingeing in rich foods.


Lynn said…
I have learned to curb my cravings already but the exercise part, hmmm, that's something I still need to coax myself into.
Sherra said…
Hi Lynn,

Congratulations! at least you're already on your way to it. :-)

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