Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health... (and Why I want to Blog on these stuff)

Food for Thought is one of Our Taste of Life’s categories where I find great joy in writing. The topics that I’ve blogged and still wish to share in the future are those close to my heart and profession. Thus, you may have noticed that posts on “better for you foods” is becoming a trend in this blog. I feel blessed to encounter all these stuff and delighted that I can share them with you. Being a Food Technologist, in some way a part of me says that Food Professionals owe the consuming public a big chunk of information. We all ought to know what’s in the food we’re patronizing. Identify what good we will get from consuming it and discern if it will match the value of our hard earned money. Besides, food is the most important element for us to keep going and continue our living. Likewise, it can also be the determining factor of our "shelf life" here on earth. Hence, smart eating, healthy living is becoming a mantra now.

So, what's in store for the consumers? What's in the Market today? In so far as processed foods are concerned, many of us might have noted the increasing trends on health, convenience and enjoyment. A lot of products are born each day. In Japan alone, hundreds of product launches are made per month. Generally, the market is now flocked with products that are developed for specific benefits and functionalites. There are those positioned for weight management, naturally healthy and organic, digestive health (e.g. high fiber claims, probiotic, prebiotic), kids nutrition (DHA, ARA etc.), beauty from within, healthy snacking and convenience. Some vital and interesting taglines to look for and worthy of our purchase considerations are the following:
Apart from healthy products, there are also those that are merely positioned to deliver pleasure to the end users. Some things to look for under this category are those that will provide fun and entertainment, new experiences and excitement. And because we all live a busy life in today's era, convenience is also a major category player. Products here normally offer instant satisfaction and minimal preparation to optimize leisure time. What's essential to note though is that not all instant products are considered unhealthy and bad. They are made as such to fit our fast paced lifestyle.

In a nutshell, we're everyday presented with these food trends. Depending on our own needs and wants, we make our purchase of what we think is best for us. Nevertheless, in making our choices we have to bear in mind our ultimate purpose to achieve a healthy, balanced life.


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