A Taste of Germany : A German Food Indulgence (3 of 3 Parts)

 Roasted Pork Loin with Vegetables and Carrot Fritters
(My first ever German meal upon my arrival in the hotel)
It's impossible not to gain a considerable amount of weight when it comes to indulging into German Cuisine. This I came to realize after having my tastebuds romanced by German foods for a couple of days. The typical German diet is largely comprised of meat and the serving is pretty generous. Wikipedia mentioned that the average person in Germany consumes up to 61 kg of meat in a year! (whoa!)
On my first night in Holzminden, we had a simple meet and greet with colleagues in the European region. Over dinner, we shared hefty bites of this wonderful selection of good eats. 

 Fresh Vegetable Salad
 Potato Salad
 Pasta with Herbs, Cheese and Sun-dried Tomatoes
As the days go by, my palate was continuously pampered with ample servings of meat, seafood, vegetables and cheeses. In my entire stay though, I didn't have any single serving of rice. Potato is more of the staple.

Seafood is generally limited. They have very few types of fishes available much less of crustaceans.
Marinated Herring, the most popular fish in town.

Cold Cuts and Cheeses are so customary.

 Breaded Snitchel with Sauted Vegetables. The vegetables were a bit sweet.

 Roasted Chicken with Curry Sauce and Risotto

Smoked Duck with Greens and Goat Cheese in Dough with Ginger Pear (this appetizer was really nice!)

Buffet Dinner Plate - It was my first time to have tried a deer meat and I didn't like it at all. It's bland and a bit tough in texture. Generally, I find german dishes salty. This was also a common observation among foreigners who visit the country.
If there's one thing that I would certainly miss from Germany, it's without a doubt the bread! Breads in Europe are really the best!! If we are good in making noodles in Asia, Europeans are equally skilled to make perfect breads.
On the contrary, the one thing that I would hardly miss is the carbonated water or as what Germans normally call it the water with gas. It has an acquired taste that's just not pleasing to my asian taste goblet.


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