Legoland, Malaysia

This is by far, the post that's most heavily loaded with pictures! Having said that though, Legoland is more than just meet the eye. We've visited this newly opened theme park in Iskandar, Malaysia a few weeks ago and we're more than delighted that we did. It's relatively smaller in size compared to other popular theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios but it's definitely packed with so much fun and adventure.
This was the crowd at the ticket booths on a friday morning (just minutes before the park opens).

 Situated right after the entrance gate is the biggest Lego shop that you can find in Asia.

The theme park is divided into seven major attractions:
1. The Beginning
2. Miniland
3. Lego City
4. Land of Adventure
5. Imagination
6. Lego Kingdoms
7. Lego Technic

Each attraction is filled with exciting rides and lots of activities to enjoy. They range from just pure fun to educational programs designed to encourage creativity and out-of-the-textbook ideas. The best way to start your route is through the LEGO CITY. Driving Schools and Boating Schools are the must try rides in this area.

Get your camera ready when you stop by at the MINILAND. Bulk of the pictures that you will have inside the theme park might probably come from this attraction. It houses some of Asia's well known landmarks re-created with more than 30 million Lego bricks. Miniland is coined as the centre piece of every Legoland Park. Upon seeing those awe-inspiring, very detailed miniature creations, I never wonder why it was so. They were indeed stunningly beautiful!

Scene from the Philippines. This particular creation made me feel so much closer to home. Did you notice the banca and the jeepney?

 Kuala Lumpur International Airport

 Petronas Twin Towers

 Taj Mahal, India



 Great Wall of China



LAND OF ADVENTURE features attractions that show the world of Pharoahs and Dinosaurs.

Beetle Bounce - the ride that's a sure hit to the kids.

The attraction where my kids enjoyed the most - IMAGINATION.
Build & Test is the place where kids and kids at heart can reunite with the much loved lego bricks. Since the crowd is not that big during our visit, there are a lot of bricks available that enabled us to build our own Lego creations.

LEGO KINGDOMS -  This is where you will find the usual and the ever familiar roller coaster ride.

Royal Joust - another must try for the younger kids

Playhouses are also aplenty.

In LEGO TECHNIC, kids will have the opportunity to explore and learn in Lego Academy and Lego Mindstorms. There are a lot of hands on activities in this area.

The ride that gives the highest adrenaline rush. Definitely a wild ride suitable for adults.

Food is not a problem at all inside the theme park. There are a number of restaurants to choose from serving different kinds of cuisines. From continental to western and asian, there is something that will surely please your palate.

Legoland is undoubtedly another must see theme park. My kids even liked it more than Disneyland. Generally, I would say it's more suitable for younger children but that doesn't necessarily mean that adults and older children will not find it equally enjoyable. It provides a highly interactive experience and that defines its differentiation from other popular theme parks.


Mark said…
We waited for quite a while before we could go up the Observation Tower at Imagination, legoland malaysia.
In short, we enjoyed a lot out there and would suggest you whether you are children or adult more than 25.Equal opportunities for all :).


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