Tim Ho Wan @ IFC Mall, Hong Kong

Three looooooong, gruelling hours of waiting time to get a seat at Tim Ho Wan Plaza Singapura in Singapore is really an ordeal. Hence, in our recent trip to Hong Kong, a Tim Ho Wan food adventure is at the top of our must do list. Because we have kids to tag along, as much as I wanted to visit the 1-Michelin starred branch in Sham Shui Po (the original Mongkok branch is already closed), we ended up in the more convenient IFC Mall branch. Not to my surprise, a queue is still visible. Just about 2 hours less than the queue in Singapore. Again, worried that the kids may not be able to endure an hour long of waiting time, I just decided to order for a take out. 

Among all the choices, this is the only item that matters the most - the famous Pork Bun. This is what earned the Tim Ho Wan the fame and the much coveted Michelin star award. So much has been said about this goodie. My personal take on it - it's absolutely good! The texture and taste combination is definitely worth craving for. However, it's not something that I will jump up and down about. I don't think the three hours of queuing is enough to justify the very much hyped publicity of this restaurant. I must admit, it's another one of those over rated and "band wagon" stories. The foods are relatively affordable, but the good quality choices are limited.



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