Happy 7th Birthday to Our Dear Sofie


May 22, 2013

To my Darling and Sweet Sofie,

It's been seven years since I witnessed your many firsts - first cry, first embrace, first crawl, and first walk and so on and so forth. How could time passed by so fast?!!
Looking back over the years,

It brings me pure joy as I see you grow into a charming, sweet girl. Your many wonderful handcrafted cards that bear your sweet thoughts are living proof to that. And it never fails to put a smile on me, each time I receive one.


As you turn seven today, you are about to celebrate a major milestone of being a full blown youngster. I know you are slowly becoming your own person now. Continue to explore and learn new things. Mommy will be here to support and guide you all the way.
Thank you for being the lovable daughter that you are. Your countless “I Love You and I miss You” are forever engraved in my heart. Thank you for appreciating my baked goodies and for always inspiring me to be a better Mom.
Enjoy your birthday and cherish the memories that this day will bring. Not all little girls are blessed to become a Princess on their special day. Jesus is so good that He made your wish possible.
I am truly grateful whenever you tell me that I am the best Mom in the world. Now, it's my turn to say - Happy Birthday to the most caring and loving daughter in the whole wide world!!


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