Sheraton Pattaya Resort

Hello everyone! It's good to be back online. After another hiatus due to the holiday madness and all, I'm so delighted to finally find the time to blog. There are so many things to share and blog about.  There are the foods that I've prepared and indulged with during the Christmas season, the family vacation in Bangkok, the countdown during the New Year's Eve and so on and so forth. I've only just started and the posts have already piled up. Well, this could only mean one thing. That I must include in my list of New Year's resolution another entry that says "to blog more often." 
So, I'm starting this year with a post on our recent stay at Sheraton Pattaya Resort. Pattaya is a popular beach resort situated in the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It's roughly 2 hours or more away from Bangkok. We went there last December 2012, just a few days prior to Christmas. The weather was sunny and it's just perfect to roam around. We arrived in the afternoon and we were welcomed by a very beautiful sunset. Unlike Thailand's other popular beaches, Pattaya has very limited choices in terms of good accommodation. Among the few secluded ones, we opted for Sheraton. If there's one thing that the place boasts off, it's definitely its serene ambiance and the relaxing view. Unfortunately, even the scenic beauty of the resort cannot hide it's already run down facilities. It's sad, but the Sheraton Pattaya evidently needs a facelift and renovation. They need to replace some old stuffs inside the resort.
Having said that though, the staff's service are truly commendable. We experienced Thai hospitality at its best.

View from the Elements Restaurant where breakfast is being served everyday

View from our room overlooking one of the three swimming pools inside the resort

The best place to sunbath

The sight was indeed picturesque. Unfortunately, Pattaya no longer exhibits that charm that will entice its visitors to come back for more, us included.


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