Soup Restaurant

Since my tastebuds met Soup Restaurant's famous "Samsui Ginger Chicken", I've been continuoulsy haunted by its delicious, succulent taste. It's really so good that I can eat it as it is, without any rice. So imagine my delight when my colleagues and I visited the restaurant's branch in Clementi Mall a few days ago; it's absolute excitement! As we partake in the sumptuous lunch, all of us agreed that the chicken was indeed the star of the feast. The ginger sauce is a good condiment that perfectly blends with the chicken. It provides a characteristic note to its overall taste. Instead of a la carte choices, we tried one of their set menus and the foods were relatively good. This restaurant is definitely on my list for satisfying a craving for a great tasting chicken. 


Henry said…
Dami pagpipilian, dami rin gulay. ^_^

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