Makansutra Gluttons Bay

I'm beginning to embrace the fact that Singapore is really a "food obsessed" country. So much so that describing its culinary pot as overflowing with great dishes to be had is still a restrained statement. Food here comes from all walks of life (if that can be said). From the unassuming street shops and hawker centers, to the posh and classy five star restaurants established by no less than the creme de la creme of the culinary world, a myriad of taste sensations are waiting to be discovered. While my taste trek to the restaurants of top celebrity chefs at the now esteemed Marina Bay Sands is still yet to happen, I tracked down the unembellished yet genuinely rich food spot in the island-state, Makansutra. I was lucky enough to meet in person its founder at the recently concluded Food Festival 2010. Makansutra claims to celebrate the best of Asian food culture and lifestyle. Judging from what I've seen and experienced from my recent visit, it indeed lives up to what it calls for. This foodie place is no simple street eatery.
Compared to other homegrown food centres, Makansutra offers a more subtle and relaxing ambiance. It doesn't bear that typical noise of a hawker place. And since it's located within Marina bay area, diners are treated to a charming scene of the skyline and a bay view while devouring gastronomic meals. It's true, dining here transcends to discovering the food culture of asia. Popular dishes from asian countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Singapore just to name a few are well represented here. As I hop from one food stall to the next, I am amazed at how make shifts kitchen via push carts were able to concoct wonderful dishes. This is certainly the place where no michelin star is needed to gauge the skills of the cook. Plain and simply, the foods are tasty. Here's a sneak peek of some of the options available..

Roti Prata

Prawn Roll

Sambal Kangkong

BBQ Chicken

Cereal Prawn

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis
Good food and good ambiance at an affordable price, this is simply a makan place to be!


Elaine said…
btw, your 2nd photo is actually roti prata.

roti jala is quite different. it is stingy, almost like a lacy hanky and usually light/ bright yellow due to the spices used. it is more commonly found in Malaysia. Here is a photo of how it looks like:

Sherra said…
Thanks Elaine for the heads up on the roti..
Zubaidatariq said…

Nice blog...... great job!
lovely pictures......
Thanks for the recipe.

John Williams
Zubaida Tariq

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