Kaya Toast

Much has been written in the blogging world about the widely known "Kaya Toast". In the Philippines, I heard that one coffee shop is increasingly becoming a big buzz around town for serving this yummy sandwich. Kaya Toast is a typical breakfast or snack item. It's basically a toasted bread that's spread with aromatic kaya jam and butter and is usually served with soft boiled eggs. It's best relished with a hot cup of coffee or tea. There are many places that cater this kind of treat in Singapore where the food's fame hailed from. But most people vouch for the authenticity of the hawker centers' and kopitiams' versions. I finally had my day for the much awaited Kaya Toast date. I tried the one served at Ananas Cafe (an MRT cafe).
The taste of the toast is pretty straight forward. Buttery, sweet, milky and nutty. What makes it more enticing is the aroma of "pandan" that's inherent in the kaya jam. It just makes you munch for more. The coffee taste is enchanced with the condensed milk that's added to it. No doubt this team of toast, egg and coffee is a complete, delectable morning treat.


i♥pinkc00kies said…
we'd always bring home a bottle or two of kaya jam whenever we go to singapore! yummy...

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