The Asian Kitchen

A good many travels to some parts of Asia introduced me to eclectic, delish eats. The abundance of fragrant spices is just second to none. Discount the element of bias for my being of Asian origin, but great is even an understatement to describe the foods in the region. I would stand for its genuine richness. I have seen this substantiated countless times by famous celebrity chefs like Anthony Bourdain and Bobby Chin just to name a few, who had great discoveries and experiences with Asian foods. They share our proof that this territory has nothing but good food.
Now that we started a new life in one of its most diversed countries, I have been enticed a number of times with delightful offerings around. My eyes is always into a feast with riveting choices. This restaurant named Asian Kitchen (located in City Link Mall) stirred enough curiousity in me that I was prompted to try with the family. It's not in the range of the finest but there's something in the menu list and food shots that says we have to sample this. And with these picks, we're glad that we did.
The fried rice is very tasty. It can actually be eaten on its own. It's so delicious that there's no need to pair it with a viand. I noted that Singapore does have a better rice quality than the Philippines. So far, I've never tasted any that's beyond my liking. The texture is just right and very aromatic.

The noodle dishes are equally appetizing albeit fatty too. The dimsum is plain acceptable and there's nothing much to hype about. On the whole, our first time visit was more of a hit than miss. I may go back to taste some more.


Anonymous said…
been eyeing this place everytime i walk by citylink
thanks for the review

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