Singapore's Din Tai Fung

Time does fly so fast. Yesterday, we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and I still couldn’t believe that I almost forgot about it. Blame it to all the fuss and the bustle that the relocation had brought us. Once in a while I feel that my mind is lost both literally and figuratively. Things are just a handful to manage for now. Anyway, for many years we always look forward to this day hence, we normally plan and prepare for it. This year marked our first to celebrate it outside the Philippines and a first to choose impromptu a place to dine. There's nothing fancy in terms of preparation, we just decided to have dinner outside.
Because I was so enamored by the Din Tai Fung experience in Taiwan, so much so that the memory of its taste kept lingering through out my palate, we opted to try one of its branches in Singapore (Jurong Point).

Xiao Long Bao

Fried Rice with Pork Chop

Pork Chop Noodles

Braised Beef Noodles

Unfortunately, much to my surprise and dismay it did not come as close as to what I had in Taiwan. All the while the claims of my Singaporean colleagues were right. For someone who had tried it straight from its origin, it’s just way beyond my expectations. If you have not tried any of those well-known succulent dimsum in Taiwan, then the ones in Singapore might pass as acceptable. But the Taiwan experience is just so good that this one I had in Singapore (particularly in Jurong Point branch) failed in comparison. I am craving for that juicy and soft bite of the “xiao long bao” but Singapore's version is just too dry and tough. Even the beef noodles lacks that flavourful character of the soup albeit the softness of the beef is there. Thank goodness! the fried rice with pork chop tasted well. I'm so worried we'll leave the place completely unsatisfied. Overall, this Din Tai Fung dining experience is filling for the tummy. In so far as making me wanting for more because of its taste, I hold some reservations.


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