Sentosa Underwater World

Nearly two months of living in Singapore, I can't help but wonder how time flies real fast in this country. Before I can even savor with much gusto the needed weekend rejuvenation, it's back to work again. For this reason, weekends should be spent with absolute pleasure and joy. Back in the Philippines, our family weekends were typically spent going out and exploring places. In Singapore, it still remains the same. So, last weekend we visited two of Sentosa's attractions - Merlion Walk and Underwater World. The kids had a great time roaming around.
There's not much big difference in the experience between Underwater World and Manila Ocean Park. However, the observation tunnel of Underwater World showcased more diversity in content. Space wise, I think Manila Ocean Park has a more relaxing ambiance.
Another highlight in the oceanarium - aquarium is the Dolphin Show. The show runs at roughly 30 minutes combining a dolphin-trainer and fur seals encounters. If you happened to be in our very own Ocean Adventure in Subic, the Dolphin show in Sentosa clearly failed in comparison. And by this, I referred in all aspects. From the dolphin tricks to the showmanship of the host to the overall appeal of the show's content, Ocean Adventure is far better. Now I am more than convinced, Filipinos can be globally competitive. I hope Ocean Adventure and Manila Ocean Park get the necessary tourism support which they absolutely deserve. These attractions ought to be visited. These were among the many things we have back home that we, Filipinos can be proud of.


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