New Life in Singapore

It's been more than a month since we relocated to Singapore. Until today, I can't say that we have completely settled. Not yet, but we're certainly on our way there. The kids are getting by so well. As for me, I would say I am adjusting more to Singapore life than work in general. In as far as my career is concerned, I am happy to be back to my comfort zone. I did miss the customary taste and aroma of savoury. My olfactory senses are once again waiting to be challenged. I am truly back home but in one way or another I am absolutely not.

Day in and day out, new discoveries of this so called "expat life" unfold right before my eyes. There were times that I felt so blessed to be given the opportunity others was hoping for. Likewise, there were days of looking back and doubting the decision of the move. Especially so when I am being remembered of how comfortable life was back home. I think my previous boss said it well for me - "in order for someone to succeed in his life (that he has chosen), he must submit himself into it completely. He must not only try, he must live it". I couldn't agree more, that is just so true. Thus, I couldn't have only a slice of the Singapore life I must embrace its entirety. The road for me from here on is appreciation of the new life that we have. And with our new found home, it's good to be waking up each day greeted by this view from our bedroom. Indeed, there's much to be thankful for. Don't you think so?


Anonymous said…
Hi Sherra, thank you for sending me your blog comments. Keep informing us & embrace your next chapter in life. Keep growing. Take care. Bernard

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