Family Vacation 101

The ber season has just started and apart from summer time, it is the most awaited and celebrated time of the year. This is usually the peak season for great things of all sorts - food, clothing, fashion and of course travel. After visiting Guangzhou last August, I am set to visit it again this month. As these travels are both work related, I am very much looking forward to the family vacation this coming holiday. I'm beginning to make early preparations and plans. Hence, I've started hopping from one travel site to the next to find great travel deals. Foremost among them are discount airfares and cheap air flights.

This will be the kids' first time to travel out of the country. And to say that traveling with tots involves so much preparations is still quite an understatement. However, this will not in anyway prevent me from enjoying every single task related to it. We (especially the kids) deserve this much needed "family- time". I'll share with you a sequel of this post on travel stuffs worth exploring. Stay tuned!


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