HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY - Our Taste of Life!!

Amidst hectic days and more taxing roles, the long hiatus in this blog got to be cut to celebrate. Well, it should be and I must have done it long before. Thanks to the blog's 2nd anniversary. It pushed me back to blogging.

Hi everyone!, it's so great to be back online! Another month of May has come, another year has passed for Our Taste of Life. I know this year was in a bit of silence for this blog relative to the previous year. But there's no excuse not to celebrate its anniversary. Instead of getting into a nostalgia from how Our Taste of Life have evolved online, I would rather look forward. I'd like to plan for new things to happen here. So, please stay tuned. We will have more great tastes of life! I hope to have more Presto Pasta Nights (I missed Ruth Daniel's weekly event and I know my family too), more Taste Throwdown and more foodie-travel finds. Thank you to all the readers who patiently waited for my response to their queries and for always finding time to drop by. I owe it all to you! Cheers for more excitement and experiences! I'll forever be delighted to share Our Taste of Life!
Coming up next, the anniversary Contest... :-)
note: Thanks to Allan Sinco of PPI for the wonderful photo above.


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