Eat All You Can Restaurants, worry or worthy?

Quite a long time ago, I received through an e-mail a list of restaurants in the Philippines that are offering an "eat all you can dining experience". Buffets in many restaurants are increasingly becoming popular these days so much so that we often find it difficult to choose among the many options. Here in the South, there are a number of restaurants that joined this trend. In the Paseo de Sta. Rosa compound, in particular, Poquito Mas and Cabalen compete in luring the hungry crowds. Poquito Mas offers an international lunch buffet on weekdays and Mexican dinner buffet on weekends. Cabalen on the other hand, carries in its name the banner dishes of the province of Pampanga. It offers an assortment of Kapampangan Cuisine cooked in many different ways such as fried, "gata" (cooked in coconut milk), grilled, sauted, fire roasted (e.g. lechon) etc. Likewise, the foods/dishes come in various forms. Fish, vegetables, meat, poultry, some rice delicacies and sweets abound the dining table. Both eat all you can buffets in these restaurants are priced at Php 299 per person exclusive of drinks. You may rate your money's worth based on quantity and quality of the food choices.

Whenever I go for an eat all you can, eat all you want dining experience, I can't help but ask my self a question of how worthy is it for the money and for all the calories at stake. Sometimes, we over stretched our selves just to get all our money's worth. Then later, we deal on the guilty feelings. It is well and good if the experience is really valuable otherwise, we tend to contest the concept of an eat all you can, eat all you want buffets. We feel regretful if in the end it became much of a worry rather than enjoyment. Therefore, it's better if we think first before digging into that bottomless serving trays and plates. Afterall, the consequences matters more than the superficial enjoyment.


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