YUMMY published my mail!

Yesterday, a colleague excitedly showed me a copy of YUMMY magazine’s August edition. Little did I know that she’s off to break some good news? “Have you seen this?” she asked me while showing a page of the magazine. Momentarily, I got wide eyed with what was before me; my e-mail to YUMMY last June was published in their latest edition. Truly elated, more than I am! I didn’t expect that my e-mail would land into their picks. What I sent were actually words of delight for the magazine that had influenced me in many ways. I remember making a post about it here when I started buying issues of it. Thank you YUMMY! You keep on bringing genuine foodies with such gastronomic reads!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations Sherra on the Yummy feature! I like that magazine so much too. Even if I don't really cook. =)
Sherra said…
Thanks Angel! I finally found your book here in National Bookstore Paseo de Sta. Rosa, it'll keep me company in the coming days. :-)
Frances Ang said…
hoooray!!!! guess august is our lucky month!! :)

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