Attending Pre-school... How tough is it going to be?

Yesterday, I took my 3 year old son to a trial class in a nearby learning center here in the south. My initial desire was actually to homeschool him in his toddler years. But because there are a lot of learning centers for pre-schoolers that had mushroomed out, I was intrigued to evaluate and try if there's any that will suit my child's needs. So, after much cajoling from one of the teachers, I finally yielded and we went to try out. The program started with what they call "discovery time". Initially, the kids played freely with all kinds of educational toys available and were encouraged to mingle with their classmates. The teacher coined this as the necessary conditioning process before getting the kids into the real-deal of the class. When it comes to kids these young, things shouldn't be hurried. And I do agree that making them comfortable at first is a must. At the same time, I thought that kids once again rule here! As I watched them play, I can imagine a voice echoing, "only when I'm ready, teach me." This is precisely the case why I want to test the water first. I'd like to see the consistency in my son's desire to go to school. I want to measure his preparedness prior to making the investment. This is no easy thing for him and for us, his parents therefore, it goes without saying that it must be worth it.
After two hours, we found out that my son is advance for that particular program. His vocabulary is above the others that the teacher anticipated a problem to occur later on. She recommended that we try the next level then. In this program however, he'll be the youngest in the lot. Honestly though, I would prefer to bring him in the later choice than the former. But other serious thoughts kept lingering through my mind. As I watched my son experience his first time in class, I can't help but entertain some worries. What if he wants to have potty time, who'll assist him? What if somebody from the class turned out to be a bully, who'll shield him from the danger it might bring? Will he learn the way I expect him to? Will the teachers' skills and patience sustain him to become a wholly educated young? I know that this is a common dilemma any parent would face in this chapter of his child's life. And I am just about to cross that path. Had it not been for a difficult environment we're living, perhaps the degree of my predicament will be lighter. But who knows, our parents would have undergone through the same process too back in the old days. Still, I've yet to deal with the question: attending pre-school, how tough is it going to be? How was it for you?


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