Pan de Manila (Breakfast Items)

Unless there’s a need for a heavy breakfast, a perfect combination of hot coffee and bread is just enough to perk me up in the morning. For that reason, a side trip to Pan de Manila on my way to work is a normal thing for me. This bread store is home to a delightful selection of baked goodies, dips, spreads and coffee mixes. In here, the infamous Filipino bread (pandesal) is being baked the conventional way in a time-honored ambiance. Also, I noticed that new offerings come every now and then. Apart from my favorite gourmet pandesals such as cheese and pesto cheese, I found these two new items in their shelves. "Soft buttery dome-shaped bun, wrapped in a milk flavor crust", it is how its packaging described this product. When it landed through my sensory orifice, I found it having a nice blend of creamy and toasted notes. The sweetness is just right but short in milky character. As I munch and cut through the middle portion, I felt the texture too dry with a salty butter taste. Fortunately, the bottom layer retains its softness which complemented the creamy crust.

Cafe con Leche 3-in-1 Spanish Style Coffee, bears that selling proposition of Pan de Manila - "Damhin muli ang init at sarap ng nakaraan... kape at pandesal ng Pan de Manila". For the pandesal, yes, this claim is true to its taste. However, for the coffee, a better blend should be concocted to tastefully match a traditionally enjoyable bread. It's more of a full-bodied but diluted coffee mix. I can hardly perceive the coffee taste that I did not feel being transported back to the rich flavor of the good old days.


Anonymous said…
tried their coffee bun, i was disappointed.. delifrance's buns are way better! i like their pandesal & pan de coco though.

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