Thailand: Street Foods

It's already my fourth time to travel in Thailand. And because the gap of the 3rd and 4th time is just months from each other, I'm beginning to feel like it's a second homeland. With the country's sunny weather and ambiance, it's a lot like Philippines in many ways. Every visit in Thailand is an opportunity for new discoveries. The richness and immensity of Thai Cuisine alone will offer you an experience of a lifetime already. No journey will be enough without indulging into the extraordinary, tasteful Thai Cuisine. A mouthful of authentic Thai Food is sure to please any discerning palate (I believe so). The usual blend of many herbs and spices is really flavoursome that it’ll make you crave for more. However, I will not discount the fact that some notes maybe acquired and/or selective. Think of coriander, galangal, lime leaves or Tom Yum dish for instance.

But I wonder why in this country, the food carts are so inviting that most people put "Hepa or Typhoid scare" aside just so they can have a nibble of any of those delightful delicacies along the streets. As for me, not easily. I would still prefer to calculate the risk sometimes. The photos above are common sights in the streets of Thailand. They were particularly taken in the morning. In that case, people are rushing, hungry yet ought to be on the go. Thus, food carts such, as these are must pit stops for the locals. I joined with my Thai colleagues one morning to look through the lined tables of inviting foods. I blinked at the same time got wide eyed by the enormous selections right before us. From saut├ęd food to grilled ones, from baked and fried to freshly toss, I almost got lost on which food item to rightly choose. Most are tasty and affordable I must say. It's not suprising then, that this area encouraged regular patrons as well.

Food is one thing that will undoubtedly connect people around the world, whether it be prepared in a lavishly styled and most modern kitchen or in the simplest and humble food cart. We’re all assured that each has its own genuine offering and sensory experience. The only thing that will matter is whether it will leave a tasteful memory in our palate or not. Being adventurous though, is an indispensable spice of any food journey.


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