Shopping in TAIPEI (Part 4 of 4; The Taipei Experience)

Blame it to the holiday rush and the contagious "busy" ambiance around, this last post on the Taipei Experience came way too late as promised. Anyhow, as they say it, better late than never.

Shopping is one thing that Taiwanese's heart to do. A living proof to that is the enormous number of shopping malls and traditional markets found in the country. In Taipei, the most popular, biggest and most varied is the - Shilin Night Market. It is Taipei's premier night market that lures crowds (massive on weekends) with affordable eats and great bargains. Think of shopping and eating at the same time! Clothing, shoes, accessories, leather goods and other bric a bracs, name it they have it! It is common to find stuffs priced at NT$100. But bargains such as these including those tagged with a specific price are hardly negotiable (take it or leave it). If you're on a budget and have a long "pasalubong" (gift) list, this is the place to be!

How to get there: Take MRT Danshui (red) Line and exit to the Jiantan Station. The market is just a short walk away. If you want to try the Toilet Restaurant, there's a branch within this area.

The newest, fashionable shopping mall built in Taipei, is the Breeze Center. It is located in Sec. 1, Fuxing Rd., 5 minutes walk from the intersection of Civic Blvd. and Fuxing South Road. It is a high end mall where international brands are abundant. This is where Taipei's Fashionistas shop. Do check the ladies room in this mall, simply amazing! The ambiance looked more of a hotel room rather than a comfort room. There's even a big flat screen TV inside the CR that shows episodes of Fashion TV. How else fashionable can it get!? What I personally liked in this mall, is the food court at the basement area. You'll feast on real good tasting, affordable meals. By the way, I noticed that it's dominated by Japanese Food Stalls. It is here where I tasted a very affordable, authentic Udon Noodles. I can't help but wished that the same food selection be offered in our own shopping malls in the Philippines. Great food, superb ambiance at a reasonable price!
Very near to our hotel is Taipei's most popular department store - SOGO. It is conveniently located near an MRT station (both the old and the new one; Zhongshiao Rd.). I was a bit surprised when I learned that this mall has 13 floors to roam around. Whew! However, if it's not sale season, things are a bit pricey here. Thus, if you would like to stick to your budget, go to the night market instead.

At the basement of Taipei's landmark (Taipei 101) is a shopping mall. There are 5 levels that house plenty of upscale boutiques and bookstore (Page One). There's a good toy shop as well. If you're in search of great international brands, hop on to this elegant mall.

High volume and low cost is the mantra at this next shopping area. WufenPu, is Taipei's version of Bangkok's Pratunam. The entire place is filled with narrow alleys showcasing diverse, fashionable garments and leather goods. Great bargains are offered for wholesale purchases.

Another cheaper alternative for shopping is the Underground Mall. Some subway stations have shops underground that sell various items at relatively lower prices compared to ordinary shopping malls. We found a store that sells shoes for NT$200 only, really good deal!

If you're looking for electronic or computer goods, Guanghua Computer Market is the must visit place. You'll find great deals of all things related to computer. If you're lucky, you'll even get freebies from your purchases. It would be better to compare prices from different stores to be able to get the best deal.

In Taipei, where you will do your shopping is certainly not a problem. It will be your capacity to spend and your energy to use up with, that will dictate your shopping mileage.


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