Greenhills - FOODIE FINDS

If I would "foodify" or describe Greenhills Shopping Center as a food, I would consider it a complete meal in itself. It's known to be a shopper's haven. But with the significant "facelift" done with the place, it's deemed to be a foodie's haven as well. I personally liked the watch and dine concept at the Promenade. Here, you won't resort to the usual popcorn - burger combo on your way to a movie. And these are what we thought the worthy finds in the area:


Mexican Cooking by way of California is the tagline of this resto. For the price, serving size, food taste, ambiance and service, this resto is not bad at all! Good enough to try but not something to always crave for.

Sizzling Grilled Pork

Grilled Chicken

Go Nuts Donuts! Go Nuts Cupcakes!

It seems that Go nUts DoNUts is on the "cupcake" trend as well. We were happy to see this new product offering, it means consumers will have more choices to the ever growing sweets category. The cake is a little bready and crumbly though, I would prefer it to be more chewy and moist. But I guess for a P35/pc price parameter, that maybe quite difficult to achieve. The peanut butter and dulce de leche are said to be among the best sellers. All in all, this one is still worth a bite! Maybe good enough for a kid's delight!

Cafe Xocolat

I would really love to try this cafe. The look is just so inviting! It's so unfortunate our stomachs were heavily loaded already that we can no longer afford for another creamy, chocolatey treat. But we would definitely go back and try this one sometime. We have to find out the secret why there's a waiting of 5-7 minutes for their hot chocolate to be served best . Real intriguing!

Beard Papa - The home of quality Cream Puffs!

Awarded as the Best Cream Puffs in the country and the first to receive such quality seal, wouldn't you be charmed by this lip-smacking goodie? It's just too rich, a piece would be enough.

Annabel Lee Gourmet and the Finest Cheesecakes
Another awardee in the area, Annabel Lee. Awarded by Philippine Tatler as Best Restaurant of 2006, it prides itself of real gourmet selection. I personally find the cheesecakes so tempting!


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