Osaka Town

I found another good mid-range Japanese resto in town. Tucked at the basement level of Raffles City, Osaka Town offers good tasting Chanpon noodles and Okonomiyakis.

Although a bit oily, the Steak Combo is a filling meal to have. It's a combination of pork, chicken, salmon, baked potatoes and some vegetables.

 Fish Tempura, this is good. The fish has a pleasant aftertaste.

 Sakura (Prawn) Okonomiyaki also called Okos...

Seafood Chanpon Noodles - it says in the menu that this type of noodles originated from Kyushu in Japan. Chanpon means to mix various things. Several ingredients such as meat, seafood, vegetable are boiled in a signature thick noodle soup. The serving is huge but the noodle dish is surprisingly not overpowering. The soup is thick but not too satiating. It actually feels like a healthy food to take.

Osaka Town
B1-72/73/74 Raffles City Shopping Center
252 North Bridge Rd, Singapore


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