Amazing THAILAND (Part 1 of 2)

It's almost a week since I arrived from Thailand and I know that this post is long over due. Apparently, it took me a while to get things back to normal for both work and family. I was out for such a short span of time yet I missed my kids so much! I just realized how attached I am to them. Probably so much that the moment I boarded the plane I almost wanted to head back home and take my kids with me. From that moment, I know I was not made to be an OFW material. But since there is work that needs to be done and a professional career to look into, the best thing that I can do is to make up for the lost time when I get back and so I did.
Although the schedule was a bit tight for work, I still managed to get some interesting finds from this amazing country. The photo above is one of the many bigger than life sized-images inside the Suvarnabhumi (su-wan-na-poom) Airport. Indeed it lives up to Thais' claim of having a nice, real big airport. I heard it's the second largest in Asia next to Hongkong and boasts of one of the tallest traffic control towers in the world. The old airport, Don Muang is now being used for their domestic flights. We spent most of our time in Chonburi, a province located in the eastern part of Thailand, approximately 1 1/2 hrs away from Bangkok. It's a quiet, countryside that is considered by the locals as a good place for a weekend getaway. As we passed by the tollway from the airport to Chonburi, my eyes caught this ad of an upcoming show of Ripley's Believe it or Not - "Quick Change Artist", the dazzling magical illusion of the quickest costume change talent", isn't that interesting? Truly, Thailand never ceases to come up with intriguing, innovative entertainment.

The many streets of Thailand are normally lined up with Rolling Food Carts such as this one. From grilled to fried, from dry to soups, from plain and simple to exotic, this food cart has so much to offer. However, even a slight adventurous spirit didn't rule me to try this grilled toads, would you?

Generally, Thai Cuisine tastes great, no contention on that. The interplay of spices is more than delicious. What's even better is the balance of the nutritional resources in their food. Most of their dishes consist of vegetables and seafoods. Contrary to Filipino Cuisine, it has less of the fried, meat and fatty kinds. No wonder it's very rare to find overweight Thais.

What's a visit in Thailand without seeing an elephant huh? Incidentally, this elephant makes its regular walk along Chonburi City every night. The rider sells something to people on the street.

My colleagues and I dared to eat in one of the rolling food carts along the street. We just selected that where we felt our stomachs will be safer. Not to mention about the overall sanitary condition of the place, the food is good and affordable. Just enough to satisfy an empty stomach and a discriminating palate. The following photos showed our most preferred dishes and those we thought we can duplicate at home.

Fried Crab Balls with sweet and sour sauce, yummy!

Soft tofu (bean curd) with pork and vegetables. The onion leeks and coriander gave an exciting kick to this soup. It's really tasty!

Fried Fish (forgot the name) but tastes like Tilapia; clean and flaky.

The look of a Street Kitchen, if I may call it

The best pork satay I've ever tasted so far. This is really superb! The peanut sauce blends well with the grilled pork as well as the cucumber salad that goes with it. Simply scrumptious! Some of my colleagues can consume 40 sticks of this in one sitting. I guess that's enough proof of how tasty this one is!

A normal sight in the street restaurants; you pick your ingredients, your way of cooking and voila! you have your food hot off the fire.

The photos below show the typical Thai breakfast repertoire. These foods are offered in the Service Apartment we stayed at. Don't they look appetizing? A plate will only cost around 35 Baht (P45). Generally, I find the food in Thailand relatively cheap. A filling sandwich in 7-eleven store will cost 10 Baht (P13) and a coffee good for 2 servings for only 20 Baht (P26). Thais are so blessed to have an abundant supply of agricultural commodities and a wide array of commercial food products. Visiting their supermarkets and groceries is a delightful experience. If not for the chili and the biting hotness, Thai Foods will have my vote for the best Asian Cuisine.

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Heart of Rachel said…
Hi Sherra. Thanks for sharing the first part of your Thailand trip.

I see they have rolling food carts there similar to the Philippines.It must have been a nice experience to sample some of the interesting street food.
Sherra said…
Hi Rachel,

Thanks so much for dropping by and spending time to read my Thai post :-)

Yeah, it was a different experience :-)
raqgold said…
i used to work in thailand, and your photos made me reminisce :D we normally eat at those rolling stores kasi mas masarap at sempre mas mura!

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