Grandma's Restaurant - A Taste of Home Cooking

Situated in the busy basement level of Paragon Shopping Centre is a restaurant that has a very interesting name - Grandma's. Looking at the facade and the ambiance of the resto, I already expected for foods that were cooked home-style. True enough, as I perused the menu my eyes feasted on popular local favorites such as nasi lemak, curry, sambal, rendang, kway teow, claypot dishes and a whole lot more. If you gone tired of indulging on local cuisine in a warm and humid open-air dining set-up, then this is a better alternative.

Food wise, it's actually satisfying. Serving size is just enough for whatever it calls for. Price varies depending on the dishes. Some can be regarded reasonable otherwise, overly priced for the quality you're offered. Suffice it to say, making the right choice is key.


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