Christmas at Home

This year's Chirstmas brought so much difference into our lives. It's a far cry from how we usually celebrate it. Read this previous post why it's so. Anyhow, celebrating it (sans the traditions we were born to) is still a must thus, the customary christmas decoration at home.

Christmas tree is the typical icon of the holiday season. It brings an unexplainable cheery ambiance especially at home. From an orange - gold themed Christmas tree back in the Philippines, I decided to go tradional (red - silver) this year for our Christmas tree in Singapore. I got most of the tree hangings at Ikea, IMM and the Warehouse Sale at Tampines. The tree was a steal at 50% off the original price. For this tree, I spent S$300 to complete the look albeit I think I'm still half way to what exactly I want it to look like. (Anyway, I'll just keep that idea for next year), my children are already ok with it.
It's exactly 4 days to go before Christmas! My goodness! time really flies so fast. It seemed like it's only yesterday since I started the countdown on our office board and it's now down to just 4 days. While my kids can no longer contain their excitement on Santa's gifts for this year, I still need to find time to shop for those "secret presents". There were 3 items on each of their lists and I do hope that stocks are not yet depleted in the shops. This is by far the least stressful christmas year for me. It's the first time ever that I didn't bother my self to shop around and get busy with party preppies and gift wrappings. This experience is both good and sad actually. It's good because it turned out to be a hassle free season and I managed to save a lot. But at the same time, it brings me sadness because I still missed the customary gift giving. After all, there's really no Christmas like home in the Philippines.

To further mark this very different Christmas in 2010, I am also not preparing a noche buena at home. It's a first since I got married and have children. I used to think about my food theme year on year but this time, my family and I are going for a Holiday Buffet (as to which Hotel? that's yet to be decided).

It's a bit bizaare that this humble table will be deserted on the eve of the Christmas day. How I wish it can be graced with wonderful aromas and flavorful bites. But I guess, that's how we will adapt this year under the circumstances. So, from my home to yours, "have a merry christmas everyone and a bountiful new year"! Let's enjoy the holiday in any way we can!.


Three-Cookies said…
Wishing you and your family merry Christmas and hope that 2010 brings lots of happiness, good health and prosperity. Your 'little santas' are quite photogenic!
Sherra said…
@Three-Cookies, thanks much for dropping by.Have a great year ahead too! =)
CozyCot said…
Dear Bernardo,

We from love your blog and were wondering if you would like to star as a guest blogger on our site. Unfortunately we can't seem to find any of your contacts on this space. It would be awesome if you could return an email to us your full name at so we can extend this invitation to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The CozyCot team
Katerina said…
Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.
Sherra said…
@ Cozycot, please send me a PM at sjm_bernardo(at)yahoo(dot)com

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