After the September hiatus (last month was pretty tight for me), I'm finally back online. Incidentally, I'm welcoming the October with a new face for the blog. Just in time to mark the official start of the merry months (a.k.a. holiday season), I decided to dress up the blog anew. I hope you'll all like it. =)

And whenever the holiday season arrives, isn't food always the star of the feast? Timely, Singapore Culinary Journey 2010 gives us a good season sampler with its October Highlights. This might be a good jumpstart to excite our appetite.


Anonymous said…
Hi Sherra dear I so love this blog and I am proud to say that I used to be your roommate. I will definitely try one of your recipes soon. Keep up the good work.
Sherra said…
Hi Cynch! (I know it's you :-)) Thanks very much for dropping by and finding time to browse through here. I'm more than delighted =)

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