Cello's Doughnuts & Dips

It seems that the doughnut industry in the Philippines is becoming more and more competitive these days. One thing is for sure, it's not destined to go plain and stagnant. Gone are the days when we were trapped in choosing either Dunkin Donuts or Mister Donut for a yummy home treat. Today, these are not the only choices left for the sweet Filipino palate. Since the arrival of Go Nuts Donuts and Krispy Kreme, a new set of standards on how good doughnuts should taste like were born. And, as if the competition is still not enough, there's always a new brand that comes to the market. One of them is Cello's. Five boxes of Cello's Doughnuts & Dips landed in our office's pantry. In a flash, we felt instant sugar rush in our blood streams. Definitely too sweet! I almost hesitated to finish a piece. However, since it's started to create a buzz in manila's sweets industry, I endured this sensory challenge at my throat and tonsils risks. Was it worth it? Texture wise it's more of an "ensaymada" bite rather than a soft, chewy, melt in the mouth kind of doughnut. It's a bit bready. Taste wise, it's too sweet that I can hardly perceive the overall flavor in it. Consuming a piece felt like meeting a daily requirement of calories already. (I don't know how it is for those who have high sweet threshold). But for most of us who have tried it, we all share on this aspect. On the flavors, I personally liked the peanut most. Next is the cheese, the rest I will just say pass. Check out any of these branches for your own share of Cello's experience.
Katipunan: 928 2649
Taft: 521 6236
Greenhills: 723 9632


Anonymous said…
The donuts look wonderful -- can feel my zipper getting tighter just looking at them! lol...
Anonymous said…
cello's isn't new. it's been around longer than krispy kreme (locally) and gonuts. hmm.. maybe it was a bad batch? cello's doughnuts are actually very good. but yeah, sweet. perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

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