Best Filipino Delicacies & Desserts

It's been only a week since we came back from our short visit to the Philippines. And until  now I'm having dejavu on the much missed Filipino delicacies. The most popular among them are Puto Bumbong and Bibingka. No vacation to the Philippines will be complete without indulging on these local favorites. The former is a glutinous rice steamed in a bamboo tube. It's normally topped with melted butter served with grated coconut and palm sugar on the side. It's purple color makes it characteristically different from other form of rice cakes. Its gooey texture is something to look forward to. Bibingka on the other hand is another rice cake made with eggs and milk. It's usually cooked in a banana leaf and has its distinct charred surface that gives a very nice smokey flavor. The best place to try these heritage goodies is no other than Via Mare.

Now, if we talk about desserts, the most famous among them is Halo-halo. It's a mixture of shaved ice, fruits, and sweet treats (i.e. egg custard, ice cream, yam etc.) generously poured with evaporated milk. It's sweet, rich and creamy. The different ingredients provide a varying texture dimensions which makes it more enjoyable. Another popular one is Buko Pandan. A sweetened grated coconut with cubed jelly, sago, milk and pandan extract. It has a perfect blend of sweetness and creaminess that finishes your meal with much gusto.   


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