Travel Finds: Batam Island, Indonesia

Batam Island is one of the nearest islands to Singapore. Due to it's geographical location, it's a popular day tour destination for visitors and locals of the lion city. I've been intrigued by this island for I heard numerous nice talks about it. That actually gave me enough reason to pay a visit. When we reached the place, momentarily I felt like I was in one of the towns of Batangas in the Philippines. The ambiance is pretty much the same. However, I would attest that we have far better beaches back home. All at once I missed those powdery, white sands we used to enjoy. With regards to the day tour, I have mixed opinions. There's really not much to see in the island. In fact, a day is more than enough to explore it. Anyhow, the typical itinerary will include a visit to the Buddhist Temple, Spa, Dried Fish Market, Shopping Mall, Outlet Stores (buy only RL as it's the only guaranteed authentic brand), Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant and the Village for Miniature Indonesian Houses. I really appreciated the later hence, I'm sharing a few shots of those cute, little houses in this post. I'm looking forward to seeing the real ones next time.


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