Derwish Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant

We've been living in Singapore for three years now. Yet, I just lately realized that I haven't explored the garden city much. There are so many places that I still have to discover. Foodie havens in particular. Fortunately, together with some colleagues, I had the chance to visit the famous Arab street for a middle eastern food adventure. Derwish Turkish Restaurant was the chosen place to sample the cuisine. 
Without a doubt, the restaurant exudes a middle eastern ambiance.

This was my first time to try Turkish food and I wouldn't mind having it again. It was generally good. Most dishes taste mild and not overpowering. The balance of herbs and spices provide a distinguishing feature to it. The Kebabs are considered the specialities and I couldn't agree more.  
 A platter of different kinds of salads and dips - the perfect accompaniment to the bread
 Lavash Bread
 Mixed Kebab
Grilled Cod Fish with Vegetables
 Skewered Marinated Sea Bass

 A real feast!
Derwish Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant
60 Bussorah St.
Tel. No. (65) 6298 8986


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