4 Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken

There's this particular fried chicken that's been haunting me for quite a while now. A number of blogs raved about it ergo, I was more than curious to try it. When I had my chance to finally dig into some servings of it, I somehow understood why the rave was so. Yet, a part of me is also wondering why it seemed like something is still missing.

I opted for the soy-garlic flavor and I got a crispy, sweet with a hint of sour, fatty, oily and creamy fried chicken. It's delicious to put it simply. However, I can't say that it's a supreme chicken to be had. The kind that's truly addicting. It's a bit pricey for an S$8.90 meal with just 3 pieces of chicken. Nevertheless, it's a tasty chicken treat to have every once in a while.

4 Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken
#B4-06A ION Orchard, Singapore


[pinkc00kies] said…
this looks good! We only have BonChon in Manila!
Very tasty.

It almost lunch time and I'm hungry. :))

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